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Calls to the Badger State Lead to Inspiring Conversations

Nadia S.

At a Saturday phone bank in West Hollywood, Nadia S. didn’t expect to find herself so moved, but there she was, close to tears, speaking to a Wisconsin voter, who was elated to hear her voice.

I was calling through my list when I came upon Joshua. I asked him if the President had his support, and he said, ‘Yes, you can definitely count on my support, because I’m a volunteer with Organizing for America- Wisconsin!’ And we had a good laugh.

But then the conversation turned serious. Joshua thanked Nadia: “You guys are doing this for us all the way over in California. That is encouraging. That feels so wonderful that we’re getting your support.”

Before hanging up, they shared their contact information and promised to keep in touch as the campaign continued. Nadia felt invigorated and inspired.

We cannot sit on the sidelines; caring means action!

Nadia has been showing she cares through political action as an LGBT supporter for decades. Her current involvement in the President’s re-election campaign comes not from a sense of duty to her cause, but rather a passion to help her President by reaching out to his volunteers.

It is so important to support our friends in battleground states, not only because one-by-one each of us makes a difference by telling our stories, but also it is important for the President’s supporters in those states to feel that they are getting support from all over the USA.

Join Nadia and Joshua. Share your story and connect with voters in battleground states. Sign-up to phonebank with us at locations across California.

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