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Call your representative for immigration reform

If you care about immigration reform, there's a way you can help move it forward in the House right now. Today, thousands of OFA supporters who care about this issue are getting on the phone to make sure their representatives in Washington know exactly where they stand.

Pick up the phone and tell your member of Congress you want to see him or her bring comprehensive immigration reform to a vote in the House.

Simply call the Congressional switchboard [(202) 224-3121], ask to be connected with your representative, and let them know that it's time to fix our broken immigration system. Then—and this part is important—let us know how the call went.

Once you're done, send a tweet to Speaker Boehner to let him know it's time to stop dragging his feet.

Over the next few weeks, OFA supporters will be calling out representatives who are refusing to act on immigration reform—and rallying behind the ones who are fighting with us to pass the biggest reforms of our immigration system in decades.

This is too important, and Congress has stalled for too long. We don't know when we'll get another chance like this—so let's go. Make a call today.

Call now

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