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California Women for Obama

Mills Ladies!!!!

Equal pay for equal work, the expansion of preventative healthcare screenings, and investments in education are a few of the reasons why women all across California are supporting President Obama’s re-election. As Election Day nears, women explain how they have benefited from President Obama’s policies, as well as why they are working so hard to ensure that we continue with four more years of progress.

“I believe in my country, my freedoms, and my rights. I am not a victim, I’m a strong, highly educated woman that wants to see our country move forward not backwards.”-Nancy C.

“I support President Obama because the first bill he signed into law was the Lily Ledbetter Act. Equal pay for equal work is something that should be obvious, but it isn’t and he made it a priority.”-Erin M.

“As a 26 year old woman, medicine like birth control is an important part of my life, and for many of my friends, the cost of birth control can be prohibitive. The Affordable Care Act makes my birth control more affordable and is a huge step forward in women's healthcare.”-Allie E.

“I became a volunteer to get involved with members of my community working to re-elect President Obama. I have been energized by the campaign and hope to share that same energy with others to encourage them to go out and vote. I’m fired up and ready to go!”-Ronda C.

“President Barack Obama is fighting every day for people like me. I am a woman and the President has ensured that I will have affordable, and sometimes free, access to preventative care. I support President Obama because he supports me.”-Danielle D.

“The Affordable Care Act protects me because I can never be turned down for insurance due to pre-existing conditions. Now, I can get the preventative services I need to remain healthy.” -Amy M.

“I support President Obama because I think he is better for women than his Republican counterpart, and better for the country in general. His positions on equal pay and the Affordable Care Act especially helped women, and what is good for women is good for the country! I think he is genuinely family friendly, ensuring that children can stay on their parents insurance until age 26.”-Mary H.

Find out how you benefit from President Obama’s policies, and make sure you share the news with the women in your life. Don’t let Mitt Romney and his Republican allies roll back the progress we have made. Stand with President Obama and women everywhere, as we continue to fight for women’s rights.

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