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California Weekend of Action


Our neighbors in Nevada will have their Democratic caucuses in just a couple of months. They're among the first in the nation -- and the first here in the West.

Of course, we've already got our candidate. But that doesn't mean there isn't urgent work to do. Nevadans are going to use this opportunity to build the organization they need to win next November -- after all, it'll be a critical battleground state even after the caucuses are over. They're asking their friends, family, and others in their communities to step up and help grow the campaign, person by person and block by block.

We can help them kickstart this organizing without even leaving our hometowns. All across California this weekend, there will be phone banks to support the volunteers on the ground in Nevada. We'll call Nevada voters and ask them to get involved in the caucuses -- as participants, or as caucus captains and volunteers to help grow this campaign in their state.

No matter what happens as we get closer to the Nevada caucuses and as Republican candidates sharpen their attacks on each other, our mission will stay the same: We have to build the strongest campaign we can to continue to fight for a fairer economy that will restore security to the middle class. That mission goes beyond the borders of any state, which is why we're working alongside local organizers and volunteers there to help them grow their organization.

Across Nevada, neighborhood teams are growing quickly and ramping up their efforts. Let's give them a boost right now.

Attend a Weekend of Action phonebank in your area.

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