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Café Obama Cooking Dinner Every Wednesday

The smell of Italian food, just like Mama's kitchen, filled the Obama Headquarters on Wednesday for the debut of Café Obama. Twenty-four people were present for the opening of what is going to become a weekly event. While eating stuffed shells, some old friend’s reconnected and new friendships were made. People were talking amongst each other and they were all eager to volunteer for the President’s reelection campaign. After socializing over a plate of food, conversations filled the room asphone calls connected new people to the campaign. By the end of the evening people were already committing to join us in phone banking and dinner next Wednesday.

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What is your favorite food to cook with family and friends? Let us know and you could lead our next Café Obama one Wednesday night. Leave us a comment or send us a message at [email protected]. We’ll release the next menu on Monday on our Event Page and our Facebook and Twitter. Get connected by following or liking us today.

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