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We're not starting early, we're starting on time


This weekend, we welcomed the next generation of California organizers with a packed two day training in both Los Angeles and Oakland. In Los Angeles, 56 summer organizers joined our team for an introduction to the 2011 Summer Organizer program. The training was almost completely volunteer led, which made it one of our most successful. For two days, our community organizers and volunteer leaders inspired the newest members of our team while our staff just got to sit back and admire their amazing leadership.

Here, they learned the importance of their personal story, how to run a phone bank, what life would be like without data (and the importance of reporting), and even digital organizing strategies—all exciting tools they will take with them as they work across our state this summer.

Deputy field director, Jeff Gabriel told the group of excited organizers,

"We are not starting early, we are starting on time. We only have an advantage if we capitalize on it."

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