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Building Strong Neighborhood Teams

David and Kansas City team members discuss running successful team events.

This past Saturday, some members of OFA-Missouri neighborhood teams in Kansas City and St. Louis gathered for a day of training. The day provided these dedicated volunteers an opportunity to fine-tune their organizing and event-hosting skills, as well as a venue to continue fostering strong relationships between teams within each community’s grassroots network.

Team members shared best practices, and OFA staff discussed the latest tools available to help run successful events. They learned how to set goals, achieve goal expectations, and how to use those goals to spread enthusiasm throughout their teams and events. At the end of the day, attendees left excited to put all they had learned into practice during upcoming events.

St. Louis volunteers paused for a group photo during team training on Saturday.

OFA-Missouri would like to extend an invitation for you to attend an upcoming event and see just how rewarding grassroots organizing can be.

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