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Building on the Success of the State of the Union

More excitement from all around the state about the President’s State of the Union! Watch parties successfully brought together citizens and elected officials —the perfect opportunity for people to interact with their representatives, learn about our re-election campaign, and take responsibility for strengthening their community.

From Jamaica, Queens: “We kicked off our State of the Union watch party with 10 volunteers recruiting 12 additional volunteers. During the first hour before the speech, they assisted in getting "I'm in” cards filled out. Our watch party was made up of 50 guests and several city council members and district leaders. We had a great time together while watching our President with much approval.” – Roslin, Queens, NY
…And Hell’s Kitchen in Manhattan: “We had at least 20 new people who had either never been involved before or had not since 2008. We took the opportunity to talk about Pennsylvania and strategy.” – Deborah, New York, NY

Want to get more involved with Obama 2012? What more can you do to be an active part of your community? Find an upcoming event near you here.

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