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Building for Obama 2012: One-on-Ones in Michigan

This campaign starts with us. In Michigan, we’ve been sitting down at kitchen tables and in coffee shops across the state to talk to grassroots supporters one on one. They’ve been talking to us about how to reach out to diverse communities and how we’ll be organizing in the weeks and months ahead to build this campaign from the bottom up.

Christine of Grand Blanc told us she is excited to join the effort and start organizing.

Christine, MI
I'm in because we cannot afford, as a country, to go backwards. We must continue to move forward, more importantly we must do all that we can to help ensure that President Obama gets elected and can continue to enact laws that protect the middle class.

In her one-on-one, Betty Birch of Pontiac agreed:

Betty, MI
I am in because I don’t want to see everything President Obama has worked for to be undone.

The progress we've made these past two years is really inspiring folks to get involved. At her one-on-one, Juana of Lansing described how proud she is of the role she’s been playing at the grassroots:

What makes me most proud of all is the Affordable Care Act! My mom will benefit when she falls in the ‘donut hole’ and my niece, who has had pre-existing kidney trouble, will get help too. We need to get the message out by telling stories through house parties and going door-to-door again!

We'll be having many more of these one-on-one conversations over the weeks to come, but we're already getting valuable input from people of all different backgrounds on how to build a sustainable organization from the ground up. We're also growing this campaign, starting now—folks are reaching out to their friends and neighbors and asking them to be in for 2012.

Want in on the conversation? Don’t wait to be called. If you’re in Michigan, drop me a line, or sign up here to get involved where you are.

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