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Build this movement up

Your support makes change possible. Here's how:

As we get closer to 2017, one thing is clear: If we care about the progress we've made, we've got to step it up.

OFA organizers and supporters have been fighting for years to push our country forward on everything from health care reform to climate change.
And thanks to efforts like those, we've led the world to a historic global climate agreement and helped more than 20 million Americans find affordable, quality health coverage. We've also been fortunate enough to see marriage equality become a reality across the nation, thanks in large part to decades of organizing.
But now our hard-fought gains are on the line. We've got to keep our heads up and stay strong if we're going to stand up to those who are looking to roll it all back.

This Saturday's end-of-year fundraising deadline will help us determine just how strong our movement can be in the year ahead. Be a part of this—chip in whatever you can today to help build the fight.

We'll be facing some difficult challenges in the coming months, but I'm more fired up than ever to defend the progress we've fought so hard for.

Why? Because I'm incredibly proud of all we've accomplished together, and I know we're not done yet. Rolling up our sleeves is not a foreign concept for OFA organizers and supporters. And the momentum is growing. Just last week, hundreds of people who will be hosting community action events joined an OFA call to learn best practices for getting their friends and neighbors organized—and more than half of them had never organized anything like this before.

We're not just building for the short term, but for years to come. We've been training the next generation of change-makers and community leaders and giving people the resources they'll need to create change. And we're not going to back down just because the fight has gotten tough.

Whether you've been involved with this movement in the past or are just getting started, your support matters. And it matters now more than ever.

The coming fights won't be easy, but you can help keep this movement going strong. Before the end-of-year deadline, invest in this.

Thanks—on behalf of all of us—for your support.

Pitch in

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Katie Hogan Executive Director