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Buffett Rule: New Hampshire day of action

New Hampshire volunteers took part in a tax fairness day of action on Saturday, talking to voters about President Obama’s Buffett Rule. This was the biggest single canvassing day since the primary here in the Granite State.

Deidre, a former school bus driver from Nashua, was out canvassing for the first time this weekend. She received an enthusiastic reception from the people she spoke to:

“It went really well, a lot of people agree. Actually, they all agree,” she said, noting that folks' support for the Buffett Rule actually helped her to get comfortable talking economic policy with strangers.

“Talking about tax fairness, when you talk about someone who makes more and pays less, most people can't understand how that's fair.”

Volunteers from Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Vermont came to New Hampshire to join in as well. Across the state, offices filled up with teams of volunteers ready to talk taxes with friends and neighbors. The energy and enthusiasm was incredible—one team even canvassed their way to the top of a mountain.

Franklin volunteer Helen found a lot of support in her small town:

"All my canvassing so far has been really positive," she said. "Not a lot of people make a million dollars here, and they don't think it's fair for millionaires to pay a lower tax rate."

Ann, who worked with canvassers in Laconia, explained why tax fairness is so important:

“[The tax system] isn't fair, and people know it. They realize [the Buffett Rule is] not a cure-all, but definitely feel like it's an important step to make things right."

The Senate is scheduled to vote on the Buffett Rule later this afternoon—make sure your voice is heard by tweeting your senators to ask them to stand up for tax fairness.

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