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Brooklyn: Big Borough, Even Bigger Support


Brooklyn is known for its distinct culture, independent art scene, ethnic enclaves, unique architectural heritage and, of course, Coney Island. Did you know that it is also the most populous of New York City’s five boroughs, with nearly 2.6 million residents? By way of the R train, four summer organizers have begun establishing neighborhood teams there throughout the past month and a half.

After getting to know supporters within the community, Summer Organizers Nikko P. and Garrett T. rallied dozens of local residents to participate in the National Day of Action dedicated to voter registration. They headed to the major subway hub, Atlantic Terminal, where about 40 volunteers registered new voters. Nikko saw it as a “great day of support for our president,” especially considering over 150 people signed supporter cards affirming that they are “in” for 2012.

“Many volunteers came out from all over Brooklyn, including a Republican who is supporting Obama. Everyone was very engaged and excited to help register voters.” –Nikko

While Nikko and his fellow summer organizers can feel satisfaction as they witness their hard work coming to fruition, it is just as exciting for supporters within the community in Brooklyn. It is especially thrilling for Arnold C., a local Obama supporter who worked on the campaign during the 2008 election, who has been hoping that a team would form in his community.

Volunteers throughout Brooklyn and across the country seized the opportunity of growing this campaign and registering new voters on Saturday, but it takes more than one day of action to begin organizing. With every cent donated, every minute volunteered, every house meeting hosted, this movement grows. Whether you are in Brooklyn or Buffalo, there is a way for you to help us get one step closer to victory in 2012. By emailing [email protected], you’ll be one step closer to making progress in your own community!

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