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“Bringing Jobs Here to Arizona”

"The speech was fabulous, and it was the perfect place for it. Just to have him at Intel talking about American business and innovation made it a spectacular day," says Pat, a retired educator and volunteer who heard President Obama speak in Arizona last week.

"It was great to see him support a company that's bringing jobs here to Arizona and encouraging more people to go into science, technology, and engineering," agrees Laura, an organizing fellow who also works as a tutor. "There were a lot of younger students there, and he talked to the kids about the future and working in these fields—why it's important to focus on math and science."

In addition to innovation and high-tech jobs, Pat describes some of the other key issues in Arizona:

"Our state doesn't do as well for education and health, so we're really trying to support those areas. The other, of course, would be immigration—trying to pass the DREAM Act and get people their citizenship, especially kids, who have been here for years."

"The President has a great focus on education reform. That's one of the biggest reasons I'm behind him—because he's out there working to get support for schools, teachers, and education," Laura says.

"There are so many reasons to support him—I don't even know where to start," Pat says. "Reforming health care would be my number one, but you've also got Lilly Ledbetter, bringing our troops home—the list goes on and on. He's accomplished so much, and kept his promises—but you know he's still working just as hard as he ever was."

Laura and Pat have already hit the ground running for the President's campaign, and they're not planning to let up between now and November.

"I'll be out there in cities and towns just making sure that I share my story with everyone I come across, hopefully inspiring them to go out and get involved," explains Laura.

"We're working our brains out to make Arizona competitive—and that's a pretty big goal," says Pat. "I think his presence here so early in the year, along with the fact that we do have people hired and volunteers working already shows that he thinks we can do it. And that's really important to us. We're going to help him get re-elected and do everything we can to help him out when he's in the White House for his second term."

Read the President's full speech from his visit to Arizona—then join folks like Laura and Pat by getting involved where you live.

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