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Borough Spotlight: The Bronx

Remember when Jennifer Lopez said, “No matter where I go, I know where I came from”? J.Lo, along with Sonia Sotomayor and the Yankees, call the borough north of Manhattan and south of Westchester home. It was Yankee stadium that brought Walker F. to the Bronx, and Julia E.’s only visit to the Bronx was for a trip to the Bronx Zoo. Of course that changed this summer, as they undertook the Bronx as their turf as summer organizers.


Amari H. speaking on behalf of the Bronx at the NYC Leadership Reception

Before Julia and Walker began working there this summer, the community was untapped—there was no neighborhood team, which provided a great opportunity for the summer organizers to develop one. A grassroots planning session in June was the impetus, and the team has been developing steadily since. Community members like Jennifer M. and Amari H. have channeled their passion and enthusiasm for the campaign into leadership roles within the Bronx neighborhood team. Tamar L., a high school student, is making headway by working with the youth in the area and partnering with local Young Democrats chapters.

“I think that we are making a big difference in the Bronx and it is so vital because President Obama is guiding this country in the right direction and we need to reelect him.” –Walker F.

The summer has been no time for relaxation—the Bronx team has kept busy with phone banks, voter registration drives, grassroots planning sessions, team meetings and most recently house meetings commemorating President Obama’s 50th birthday. Julia and Walker have seized the golden opportunity of voter registration in the Bronx, since the borough is home to the most people who are eligible to vote but are not yet registered. On the most recent National Day of Action on June 16th, volunteers registered over 65 new voters.


In the Bronx—and elsewhere—it is the people in the community who embrace the opportunity and contribute in whatever way they are able who facilitate the progress of this campaign. We have a lot of work ahead of us, and we need you to help us build this campaign from the ground up in whatever way you can. Are you ready? We are! Email [email protected] to get started.

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