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An open letter to Speaker Boehner

Dear Speaker Boehner,

Some members of your caucus didn’t get the memo that claimed immigration reform was dead for the year. I thought you should know.

“The moment when leadership is going to have to make the final decision on whether they’re going to move forward or not is going to be upon us really soon.” —Mario Diaz-Balart, 2/21/14

“I would support legalization and a pathway to citizenship.” —Peter King, 2/25/14

“I am working to pass legislation that secures our border, strengthens our economy and fixes our broken system because it will create jobs.” —Jeff Denham, 2/26/14

“It is clear that the cost of inaction is far too great.” —David Valadao, 2/26/14

You can’t blame them for bucking the line that you set down. OFA volunteers have been giving them a pretty hard time over the last few weeks. From organizing trainings and rallies, to passing out flyers and canvassing in their districts, immigration supporters have been giving these members, along with 29 others, an earful, online and in person.

Speaker Boehner, this is the cost of inaction. You'll continue hearing from your caucus members until you act on immigration reform.

Want to help make sure Speaker Boehner gets the memo? Tweet and let him know the cost of inaction.
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