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Bobby Jindal in the Oval Office

For years, folks have been saying Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal might have his eye on higher office—and any day now, he might be one step closer to it.

Jindal's name is being floated as a potential pick for Mitt Romney's running mate, and Romney's expected to make his decision very soon.

If you live in Louisiana you know what it's like to be represented by Jindal as both a congressman and a governor—and it hasn't been pretty.

That's why it's our job to let Americans know exactly what they'd be in for with a Romney-Jindal ticket.

Share what you think the rest of the country should know about Bobby Jindal's time in office, and what could happen with him as our vice president.

As a congressman, Jindal was an original co-sponsor of the bill to privatize Social Security, and supported privatizing Medicare.

As governor, he's had the same issues with secrecy and lack of transparency as Mitt Romney—raising questions about what he's hiding.

If Romney does choose Jindal, your feedback will be critical to holding him accountable once—and if—he takes the national stage.

Right now, share with the rest of the country exactly what Governor Jindal has done in Louisiana.

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