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Bill Nye the Science guy swings through Manchester on Granite State tour

If we told you that Bill Nye made three stops in New Hampshire today to talk about why he supports the President's plan for education, you might stop us and say, "Wait, you mean Bill Nye… the Science Guy? Bill Nye, whose television program made learning science fun and exciting when I was a kid?"

Yes, Bill Nye the Science Guy, that's exactly who we mean. He toured the Granite State today with New Jersey Congressman Rob Andrews, both highlighting the President's commitment to education.

Nye focused in on the close relationship between education and the kind of scientific discovery and innovation that's been key to American success:

What sets us apart, what makes this country great, is innovation-new ideas and the openness to try new things. We need a generation of people coming into science and engineering who can generate these new ideas. We need the innovation from this generation to drive our economy forward. But to get great innovation and great ideas we need to foster and grow our education system-not cut it.”

In other words, our competitive edge is what's at stake in this election and his concerns are well founded. As Rep. Andrews pointed out, deep budget cuts are central to Mitt Romney's vision for American education:

"As Governor of Massachusetts, Romney presided over the largest per pupil cuts to public education funding in the United States of America. He cut teaching jobs, and has already planned to cut 9 million scholarships for students in the Romney-Ryan budget.

And it was on the issue of education cuts that Nye made his most powerful point:

When you cut teaching jobs, you're not only putting people out of work, but you're undermining the education of all the students who are losing teachers. So when you make cuts like that, you're actually hurting the country in two ways at once.

Bill Nye supports Barack Obama because he believes we can't afford to lose access to world class education. If you agree with the President and Bill Nye, add your name now.

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