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Biking for America

Ellery A.

Every volunteer is different and makes his or her contribution in there own way. Some phone bank while others canvass their neighborhoods in support of the President. Some bike 9,000 miles across 48 states in just 8 months. Like I said, everyone’s different.

29 year-old Ellery Althouse of Cape Cod, Massachusetts believes that his cross-country voyage will have a major impact on OFA volunteers across the United States.

“It’s about inspiring people,” he said. “By showing supporters my dedication, I hope to have a revitalizing effect on those I meet. We can’t be apathetic.”

After meeting Ellery I could come up with a number of adjectives to describe him—apathetic would be somewhere near the bottom of that list.

“Eleven states down, thirty-seven to go,” he said. And with that he was gone; on to the next stop of his astonishing journey.

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