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Beyond The Mountain Lies a Better Future

In November of 2007 I was a 17 year old teenager with my life ahead of me. With the far reaching effects of the recession still un-measurable, I stood at the beginning of my journey looking down a long and windy road having more obstacles in it than just four years before. Growing up in a low income family, I have learned to not expect that which is not worked for; a lesson that was illustrated in the dark circles underneath my mother’s eyes as she held three jobs to ensure that dinner made it to the table. It was not an easy upbringing but I learned a lot about sharing and compassion to always have a vision of the future, and to never forget where I came from.

In 2008, I was more than a little apprehensive about all the candidates, considering where the country was at the time. In the months after President Obama’s Inauguration, I began to see that Barack Obama was a different kind of president. I began to take notice of the fact that our new President was not a reactionary person and really took a 360 view of the troubles facing the American people. Within months he announced the recovery and reinvestment act which employed hundreds of thousands of people across the nation. I realized that the far reaching effects of them were geared toward sustainability. I realized then that Barack Obama had a larger view of the country’s problems than most, and a vision of the future that was necessary to take us to the next level.

Barack Obama has been a president who has worked for the greater good of the country and its people. To him we are not just “constituents” or “voters” … we are people, real people, with real problems, and he recognizes that, and responds with real solutions. He has time and time again proven that politics is not going to stop him from doing what’s right. From the beginning he has acknowledged that the problems of years past are not going to be dealt with over night. If you really think hard about what he said in the months leading up to November, though we may not be exactly where we want to be, or where the President wants us to be, we are exactly where we can be today. He said it wasn’t going to be easy, and it hasn’t, but with every small step we take, we get closer and closer to that goal.

We live in a time where the middle of the isle has become no man’s land as far as politics is concerned, and there he stands, our president, in the middle, alone. He is the president of all Americans, and that includes people of all races, genders, creeds, and yes, parties. President Obama is looking at our problems from all 360 degrees and finding the best and most sustainable solutions for everyone. I am proud to be a supporter of our President because he is the best hope for my generation. Our challenge is to look toward the horizon and trust that our President is doing the same thing. Today, I am a 20 year old man looking back at the forest behind me and a mountain ahead of me, but I know that with Barack Obama, just beyond that mountain lies a better future… and there will always be someone there to lend me a hand on my trek to the top!

More than the promise of a better future, it is the promise that he is going to fight the good fight on my behalf that brings me into the office to volunteer. If you are interested in volunteering please email: [email protected].

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