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Beyond Impressed

This past weekend, President Obama made two speeches here in the Granite State, in Windham and in Rochester. He even made an in-between stop at Mack’s Apples in Londonderry–one of his favorite spots from 2008.

For many Granite Staters, seeing Barack Obama isn't necessarily new–a lot of folks here in New Hampshire spent quite a bit of time getting to know him in '07 and early '08, listening to him speak, talking with him over lunch, maybe even having him over to the house.

Erika, a volunteer who attended the Rochester event, explained how being there and hearing the President this weekend impacted her:

"I am always beyond impressed when I go to see President Obama speak. I saw him back in ’08 when he was a candidate and now again as President this past Saturday. I was extremely pleased to see his convictions to fight and stand for issues I care deeply about have only gotten stronger on issues such as health care, woman’s rights, tax breaks for the middle class, infrastructure, science and technology, and helping students with the extreme burden of student loan debts. I only wish more people had the opportunity to see him in person. I am very lucky and will never take for granted that I’ve had the extraordinary opportunity to see President Obama speak in person. What an incredible experience!"

This election matters. The stakes could not be higher. That's why it's so powerful to hear directly from President Obama. If you've never seen him, if it's been four years since you've seen him, or even if you saw him a few days ago, you owe it to yourself not to miss him next time he comes to New Hampshire.

Make sure when his next trip is announced, you're among the first to know.

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