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Betty believes that being involved in your community is the best way to give back


Meet Betty, a Manchester volunteer who grew up in a household where family values meant giving back to the community.

Betty’s mother volunteered as a community organizer when John F. Kennedy ran for president. She would bring Betty along to events to help give back to the community that helped their family. As a young girl, Betty shook Kennedy’s hand and has been involved in politics ever since.

When President Obama came to New Hampshire recently, Betty thought it was the perfect opportunity to pass that spirit of community onto her grandchildren.

“I was so excited to bring them to see the President. I remember thinking, ‘I see this man on tv and now we get to see him in person.’ I turned to my grandson and told him to pinch me because I couldn’t believe it! I always encourage my grandchildren to get involved in their community. You need to talk to people, talk to them about politics and get them involved.”

“I live the American dream. I raised my kids as a single mom, making sure they as many opportunities and a good education. Growing up, my mother raised us to remember that being involved in your community is the best way to give back. That’s why I’m here - making calls and taking to people about what's at stake here.”

Join folks like Betty and get involved in your community by signing up to volunteer right now. We only have 33 days to make a difference before the election, make the difference today.


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