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Betting on the Michigan worker

President Obama kicked off his Betting on America bus tour in Ohio today, talking to American workers about the role they've played in our economic recovery. For Michiganders, the message could not be clearer – the President’s decision to restructure the American auto industry continues to pay off.

Larry K., Utica

"I work hard every day to build the best cars and trucks in the world. All I ask is for the chance to give our children a better life than my wife and I had – and the President's actions have given us that opportunity."

Stephen C., Waterford

“I work for a supplier that depends upon the health of the auto industry. When the auto industry was struggling, the number of employees was down to 24. This year, the number of employees has risen to over 75 – and we’re doing better than ever.”

Mary T., Bay City

“The talking heads have spun President Obama’s actions every which way – but at the end of the day, the restructuring of some of Michigan’s biggest employers was about the people, and the legacy of this great state. These factory jobs are good-paying jobs – jobs that keep our families – and communities – going.”

What have you seen in your community as a result of the President’s bet on the Michigan worker? Share your story with us.

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