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Betting On California Tour - Bakersfield

In support of President Obama’s “Betting on America” bus tour through Ohio and Pennsylvania, OFA California kicked off its own tour to highlight the President's vision for growing our economy and how it will help California residents.

At an event last week in Pittsburgh, the President declared to supporters:

"This election is not just about two candidates or two parties; it’s about two fundamentally different visions of where we take America."

The discussion of President Obama’s vision for America continued in Bakersfield, the 5th stop on the “Betting on California” tour. Bakersfield was host to a round table of small business owners, union leaders, and community members who praised the president for adding 4.4 million jobs to the private sector. Members of the Bakersfield round table echoed the same sentiment: “Americans want a hand up, not a hand out.”

Despite the intense summer heat, the community came out to discuss important matters like education and job growth. Each member of the panel, including folks from Kern County, voiced the importance of an economy built from the middle out, unlike the top-down model supported by Mitt Romney. President Obama’s economic vision would restore the middle class by investing in education, energy, innovation and tax code reform.

As the “Betting on California” tour continues, don’t forget to check back here for more coverage and photos of events. Take a stand with us and President Obama to support an economy built at home and sustainable for the future.

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