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Betting on America: traveling through Ohio and Pennsylvania

In just two days, President Obama visited nearly a dozen cities across Ohio and Pennsylvania—a chance to talk face to with people about his plan to keep the economy growing.

At just about every stop on the Betting on America bus tour route, he swapped stories, sampled the snacks, and made a few friends.

"We've been on the bus here in Ohio," said the President during a stop at a high school in Poland. "We've been traveling through. We went to Parma and Sandusky and Maumee, and now we're here—and Oak Harbor, Akron … and I've been eating a lot … and in between the eating, we've been talking a little bit about politics."

Steve, a nursing home administrator who was in the audience in Poland, said he appreciated the President's visit to Ohio:

"I thought it was great—I think he's motivating us and going to help lead us through four more years. It was a diverse crowd, we had people from all walks of life here, and everybody was charged up and proud of our country."

After shaking hands with audience members in Poland, the President stopped for a treat at a bakery in Beaver, Pennsylvania, and continued on to Pittsburgh—where thousands braved the heat to hear him speak about the economy, keeping education affordable, and the choice Americans will make in November.

"It was very hot today, but he made it and everything went just fine," said Jerrell, a janitor. "His speech was very informative about keeping the cost of tuition and education down, and hopefully he can get in for the next four years to continue the good job he's doing. I'm from the north side of Pittsburgh, so seeing him here in my city was a dream come true."

Katie, a graduate student in biomechanical engineering, agreed:

"It was so incredible, I couldn't believe he was coming here. This was so nice, and such an honor to have him. It was awesome—it was a hundred degrees out, but nobody cared!"

"I am very impressed by Mr. Obama, and I have been for many years. He's a marvelous man with a vision and a focus and a plan. We're very lucky that he came through here—as many people have said, it's a once-in-a-lifetime experience," said Linda, a retired teacher who brought her granddaughter with her to see the President.

The President left Pittsburgh fired up and ready to turn out on Election Day, said Anne, a retail worker:

"You could tell everything he said was so genuine—he has my vote again."

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