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Putting the spotlight on better health access for women

Obamacare ensures women have access to free preventive care like annual checkups, mammograms, and osteoporosis screenings. It will also put an end to the insurance company practice of discriminating against women by charging them more for the same coverage, or classifying being a woman as a "pre-existing condition."

This is great news, and OFA volunteers are spreading the word.

Las Vegas, Nevada—OFA-NV supporter Ruby led an educational forum with young medical students on the benefits of the Affordable Care Act.

“I had a tremendous amount of students there who were under 26 years of age who are now eligible to stay on their parents insurance," said Ruby. "I described my story where my daughter—who is now 35—had to take care of her own insurance needs in college [because our insurance wouldn't cover her].”

Raleigh, North Carolina—OFA-NC volunteers heard from Rep. Rosa Gill, Dr. Susan Eder, RN Brenda Cleary, and Felicia Willems—a mother who spoke about her family's ordeal with her son's preexisting condition.

Tucson, Arizona—A group of OFA-AZ volunteers canvassed two Pima Community College campuses.

Roanoke, Virginia—Karima Roop and Elaine Moore shared why they are excited about affordable health care and what it has and will do for them personally.

See more tweets and photos in the slideshow below.

This holiday season, it's important that women (and men) everywhere spread the word about how to get affordable health insurance. Say you're in—and get the info you need to talk to your loved ones about getting covered.
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