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Bethany: “Thank you for your fight”

Mr. President,

I wish I could help more. I am trying very hard to do my part in spreading the word and handing out banners and bumper stickers and trying to get my friends more involved.

I am temporarily disabled and a single mother of two little girls. I paid my way through school because they did not accept student aid. I started my career in a wonderful health care facility as a phlebotomist and technical laboratory assistant. I got a taste of my career path and the desire to finish school to become a clinical laboratory scientist.

Then I was injured at work. My knee is in very bad shape. I will be having reconstructive knee surgery soon, but until then, times have been very, very rough. I am making my way on child support, which I am lucky enough to receive, and government assistance. I believe that receiving this aid has been the biggest inspiration for me to succeed and give back. It is because I have been taken care of in my time of need that I want more than ever to gain wealth and be able to support the programs from the other side of the spectrum someday. I want my children to know that we made it because we have a system that didn't let us down.

My oldest daughter, 9 years old, has early onset bipolar disorder, ADHD, and autism spectrum disorder. If we didn't have access to health care during this time I am not able to work, she would be missing out. The help we've received gets us through every day.

I consider myself one of the luckiest people on Earth to live in a country and state that have not let me down when I needed it most. As a child, my family was very poor and my parents had to receive some aid. This was a drive for them to succeed. Today, my father owns a business. My mother is working her dream job and bought a house she loves in the city she grew up in. They got to live their dreams because they were given hope when all of their children (all five of us) were young. The aid serves as a fire beneath you, a drive to work hard and show the world that you didn't get the aid for nothing—rather that you were an investment to make it to better times where you can and should give back. It is a beacon of hope for those of us who have needed it.

I have been able to send a few dollars, but I feel I can do more by spreading the word and speaking out for your efforts. I thank you for your fight and your desire to take care of us. I have never admired a president before as I do you, and your wife as well. Thank you for being a wonderful leader, and keep up the fight. I will continue to do my part, however tiny it may be, to spread the word that supporting you is keeping the beacon of hope going for those who need it most.

Thank you,

Bethany, Ohio

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