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Bekkah's Ready to Lead in Rochester

Bekkah A. answered the call she received from OFA Oakland County yesterday by coming to the office today and getting right to work. We asked her why she was volunteering.

“When President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law, he had done something tangible. Young people like myself can now stay on our parents' health plan during the 'post-college-lack-of-decent-entry-level-position-jobs' period in our lives."

Bekkah is excited to be back in Michigan and looks forward to organizing in her old home town. What’s at the top of her agenda? Planning her first team meeting.

She glanced at the list of supporters to call. "Oh, I know this name, we went to high school together!" It seems that reconnecting with Rochester will have many benefits for Bekkah and her newly formed and growing OFA Rochester Team.

Join Bekkah and other Young Americans for Obama at an event near you.

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