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Behind the scenes of a Day of Action

You've seen what OFA volunteers can accomplish in Action August, but do you know how we do it? Here is a peek at how we gear up at the Lehigh Valley chapter in Pennsylvania.

First, we lay out our schedule. The chapter uses a big calendar to map out a skeletal plan of August. We give each member a blank calendar so they can take notes and pin the initiatives they are most interested in.

This is our "Situation Room," AKA my living room, where OFA Fellow Megan and I review calendars and plot out the specifics of Action August.

We accomplish a lot over a small amount of time. In just an hour or so, the chapter organized its Action August events. Then, volunteers go home with a clear idea of our expectations, committed to specific events. That allows us to concentrate on recruiting new volunteers to grow our chapter.

To turn someone from just another name on our list into an active OFA volunteer, our team works to develop meaningful relationships. We don't just ask them which issues matter most to them—we ask them why these issues matter to them. The answers to that question have proven to be the most valuable pieces of data we collect.

Once we understand why our volunteers got involved, we tailor their volunteer experience (and our events) to meet the direction our volunteers want to go.

Already we've held a house party for Obamacare in Allentown on the President's birthday, spent a day standing with our future and sharing our "American Story" to push for comprehensive immigration reform, and called out climate change deniers in Congress.

We're halfway through Action August, but we've only just begun. Find an event near you, and make sure you are heard.

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