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Being covered on February 1st: Volunteers spread the word

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, affordable health care is now just a few clicks away for millions of Americans. From barber shops to health expos, OFA volunteers talked to people in their communities in a nationwide day of action to let them know just how affordable health care can be—and to make sure they know about the January 15th deadline for coverage that starts on February 1st. Check out the action:

Detroit, Michigan—Volunteers spread out across city blocks to hand out information on the busy streets. Countless uninsured people stopped to talk about how to get covered under Obamacare. Chapter Lead Twyla (above) talked to two interested young men about how they can #GetCovered.

Jacksonville, Florida—The Florida OFA team was thrilled to meet Jennivive, a new volunteer, and hear her story. Jennivive's brother did not have health insurance until January 1st, because the plan offered by his employer was too expensive. He's now covered and back on his blood pressure medication.

Nashua, New Hampshire—In downtown Nashua, volunteers braved the freezing rain and icy sidewalks to hand out information. The best part of the day? Spring Fellow George and Chapter Leader Deidre recruited another Spring Fellow applicant!

Milwaukee, Wisconsin—Volunteers from Milwaukee OFA headed to local barber and beauty shops, and even a tattoo parlor, to talk to shop owners and patrons about being covered on February 1st. At one stop, all six customers needed to sign up for insurance, and volunteers were able to cut through the chatter and give them the facts.

Washington, D.C.—At the Washington, D.C., Health and Fitness Expo—the largest consumer wellness expo in the country—OFA-DC and OFA-VA volunteers spread the word about Obamacare to make sure that everyone in attendance knew how to get covered by February 1st.

Houston, Texas—Before the event started in Houston, volunteers met Melvin, who was looking for more information on how to get covered. Thanks to the all-star team in Houston, Melvin is ready to enroll.

See more photos and tweets in the slideshow below.

There’s no better time than now to get health insurance. Whether you’re looking for yourself or know someone who needs to enroll, get the information you need to get covered. So what are you waiting for?

Get covered
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