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Barack Obama Has the Latino Community's Back

Audrey from Waukesha was born and raised in Puerto Rico. In her 51 years of life, she never voted in a presidential election – until now. This week, Audrey voted early for Barack Obama.

"I was just so overjoyed when I recognized the importance of voting early. I cried because of what it meant to me. It was so emotional because, as the first Latina Neighborhood Team Leader in Waukesha County, I'm really invested in this local Latino community. Barack Obama is a man who shares my values and has the Latino communities back, especially with his efforts toward the DREAM Act, protecting the future of our youth."

Audrey has voted early for Barack Obama, and it's not too late for you to join her. Cast your ballot before November 2nd so you can help us win this thing on Election Day. Find out all you need to know about voting early at

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