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Barack and Bruce Rock Madison

The morning before Election Day, Wisconsinites welcomed President Obama to Madison, joined by special guest Bruce Springsteen.

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"Wisconsin, tomorrow you have a choice to make. And it’s not just a choice between two candidates or two parties. It is a choice between two different visions for America."

"We believe that America is stronger -- not weaker, stronger -- when everybody can count on affordable health insurance."

"We believe that there’s a place for rules and regulations that make sure our people are safe. And we also believe there are some things politicians should stay out of. For example, we think that folks in Washington, especially men, should not try to control health care choices that women are perfectly capable of making themselves."

"As long as I’m President, I'll work with anybody of any party to move this country forward. And if you want to break the gridlock in Congress, you’ll vote for leaders like Tammy Baldwin -- whether they're Democrats or Republicans or independents -- who feel the same way, who put you first, not the next election first."

"Their bet is on cynicism. But, Wisconsin, my bet is on you."

Bruce has Barack's back, I bet you do, too. So show your support, bring your friends and neighbors to the polls and make a plan to own your vote tomorrow.

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