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Attend an Obamacare event near you

The other side is resorting to dangerous tactics to try to keep Obamacare from working. Tea Party Republicans have forced a government shutdown because they didn't want to fund health reform. That's not all: Hundreds of millions of dollars are being spent by the other side to scare people into not getting insurance. They want to see Obamacare fail, and they will try to keep Americans from learning how the law benefits them.

But Obamacare is working, and we need to spread the word about how it's helping Americans every day. Millions of people have already started exploring their coverage options, and many have already gotten coverage.

We're going to spend the next six months of enrollment making sure people have the facts about getting signed up, and keep telling the stories of the people who are already being helped by the law. You can help make that happen in your community.

This Thursday's Day of Action is a great chance to help people get the information they need. We'll also be telling the Tea Party Republicans in the House: "Enough already—stop trying to block Obamacare, and end the shutdown today." Join the Obamacare Day of Action to spread the word in your community.
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