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Ask Questions - It's How We Respect, Empower, Include in Tucson

A small number of volunteers can reach a big number of people, and make a big difference for President Obama. During a phone bank held in Central Tucson last night, a Fall Fellow and two volunteers called nearly 300 people. Through fast work and sharing our personal stories, we were able to empower the Tucson community to volunteer at voter registration events, talk to their friends and neighbors, and continue to ask questions about the GOP candidates' views.

One of the volunteers helping to make phone calls emphasized this last point with the people he spoke with. When the person on the other end of the phone couldn't commit to volunteering, he encouraged them to continue asking questions. When the person on the other end of the phone wanted to help but had limitations that prevented them from getting involved, he encouraged them to help the President by asking questions and talking to their friends and neighbors. And when people were unsure about whether they were going to support our President in 2012 or not, this volunteer encouraged them to continue to develop their views by getting involved and asking questions.

Keep working hard, and keep asking questions. Don't take what the pundits say at face value. The more questions people about President Obama and his policies, the more clear the answer becomes: President Obama is the right choice for 2012.

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