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Ashwani: A cancer survivor for Obama

“As a cancer survivor, a person under the age of 26, a recent college graduate, and an American, Obamacare means the world to me.

“It means that I can no longer be denied coverage due to my pre-existing condition. It means that I won't face the same hurdles when buying my own health care as I look for my first job. It means that I won't be a burden to the American taxpayers if I ever get sick again and lose my insurance. It means that insurance companies no longer have a monopoly on my health. It means that my doctor will have the final say in how I can be treated.

“Mitt Romney has been clear he’d repeal Obamacare on Day One. Let’s make it clear to Romney: Obamacare isn’t going anywhere. Let’s get to work—join us as we reach out to voters about what’s at stake in November.

Ashwani, Maryland

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