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I remember when we were one year out until the 2008 election of then-Senator Barack Obama. I was a new field organizer learning the ropes in Iowa in anticipation of the upcoming caucus a few months later. The days were long and the work seemed endless, but I was sustained by the relationships I made with amazing volunteers and the knowledge that I was working for a candidate who believed in the power of government to lift its citizens up. As we head into a year out until the re-election of President Obama, I can’t help but remember what brought me to this movement 4 years ago, and what keeps me here today.

For all the reasons I joined this campaign, most remain the same today. Our campaign believes in empowering local leaders, understanding that our relationships with each other drive this movement, and the sense that our country was headed in the wrong direction and we needed a strong leader to put us back on track. From my perspective, being a part of putting our country back on the right track has been the most rewarding experience. Through health care reform, wall street reform, repealing don’t ask don’t tell (DADT) and expanding civil liberties for all Americans, as well as a host of other accomplishments, I am proud to have stood by our President as he leads us in the right direction.

But this is not enough and this is why I continue to fight today. Even as I write, our state legislature has members trying to block federal funding for health insurance exchanges, a lifesaving measure for so many Missourians who told their story about the need for reform. And at this moment, Missouri members of Congress are working to block job-creating and job-saving measures for our middle class, putting politics over people even though they know we can’t wait.

This is why I believe what’s at stake is even greater than the reasons I joined this movement four years ago. The great progress we’ve made could be the biggest loss in this election. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Missouri, you have a choice between continuing down the path of progress or wishing you could have done more. It all starts with you and me together, building an organization of neighbors connected through relationships. As we stare down the calendar with one year out, I challenge all of you to make the choice to get involved and continue moving Missouri forward. I look forward to working alongside you to re-elect our President.

We will begin in earnest this weekend by hosting a day of action: registering new voters to give them a voice a year from now. Will you be a part of this movement? Find a Day of Action Event near you.

Missouri Day of Action events

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