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Artis is IN!

Artis Is In

Artis is the proud owner of Artis Barber Shop in Hampton, Virginia. A neighborhood institution for over 30 years, 2010 saw Artis Barber Shop become a hub of campaign activity. Community members came to Artis’ to talk with their friends and neighbors about the issues facing their families, register to vote, hear about how President Obama was moving the country forward, and what they could do to help.

Mr. Artis recently met up with the Regional Field Director in his area for a one-on-one conversation about why he’s in for 2012, and he made plans for how he can help build the Obama campaign in his community.

“I am a retired veteran who fought in Vietnam for seven years. I suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome and I know that President Obama cares about our men and women in uniform and wounded warriors like myself. I have owned a small business in Hampton since 1977 and I also know that President Obama cares about small businesses – he’s given us multiple tax cuts and made it easier to get a loan.”

“President Obama is a different type of politician – one that helps all people regardless of race, religion or creed. I know that he loves this country and he cares about middle class people like me. In the White House, he represents the citizens of this country and not just the lobbyists. I’m in because people like me don’t have the money to pay lobbyists to look after us, but we do have President Obama on our side.”

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