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Art for immigration reform

In Binghamton, New York, we're pushing for Congress to stand with our country's future and support immigration reform. We also have some pretty talented artists.
We decided to create a banner that symbolized our country's need for immigration reform. Oswil Liz served as the main artist on this project—he's working on the landscape in the photo above.
Here are OFA volunteers Carol and Katheline coloring in the stripes, joined by Diana from Citizen Action.
And here's the banner in action. Katheline, above, shared her story as the daughter of immigrants from Haiti and the Dominican Republic at an OFA rally for immigration reform. Below, Pastor Kimberly Chastain of United Presbyterian spoke at the rally as well.
In upstate New York, and all across the country, people are standing up for immigration reform. If you care about the issue, join us to tell Congress to stand with our future.
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