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Arizona Latina mothers, daughters understand how President Obama is moving us forward

Carrot lemonade and a video from Michelle Obama helped bring people in the door, but Tuesday's house party gave women like Chris Courtland's 96 year-old neighbor the chance to be part of bettering the Nogales community.

The group of Latina mothers, daughters and grandmothers who met at Ana Woolfolk's home gathered to not only discuss the issues that are important to them, but to show how their voices can make a difference.

These women have strong feelings about the importance of education for their children and communities, how their rights as women should not be limited or changed, how it is up to families to take responsibility of healthy lifestyles, and that veterans should continue to be taken care of when they return home from their service.

"It is so important for our kids here to be able to have a path to the universities," she said. "Any kind of programs that help them are really appreciated here."

Ana said women came to this event to discuss why they believe President Obama is succeeding by bettering the education of millions of Americans, but also to express their concerns for an administration without him. If the President is not re-elected, these women worry that their children and others in the community will lose the Pell Grants that are helping put them through school and student loan rates will skyrocket.

"The middle class is just getting back on their feet," she said. "If we don't get Obama re-elected, we're going to lose some programs that are really important to education, health care and housing."

Chris's neighbor, who has led a healthy lifestyle and grows her own garden, relates to the First Lady, an advocate for healthy living choices, as well as the group's concerns for veterans when they return from service.

Ana said this is a community who worries their veterans will become invisible again and these women will stand with the President and First Lady to ensure that does not happen.

By standing together, these women know they have to take their roles as women and Latinas seriously, Ana said, and by doing so their voices will help better their communities.

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