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Alice Germond surprises Arkansas volunteers

DNC Secretary Alice Germond surprised Arkansas volunteers working a phone bank last weekend—she made an impromptu visit to the state HQ. Mrs. Germond was in Arkansas to address the state convention of the Arkansas Federation of Democratic Women, but took the time on Saturday to drop by the local Obama for America office to meet with volunteers and thank them for their commitment to helping the President carry forward the progress he has achieved so far.

Bob Estes was among the volunteers on hand at the Arkansas office manning the phones when Mrs. Germond dropped in to thank volunteers. "It was a great experience," said Bob. "We did not know she would be dropping by, but she made us feel very appreciated!”

Jennifer Wheeler was also making calls. "It was an honor meeting Alice Germond!" Jennifer noted afterwards. "I appreciated her words of encouragement and wisdom as we worked through our day of phone banking."

Mrs. Germond has been involved with the Democratic National Committee for many decades. She has served in a variety of roles with the DNC, ranging from Senior Advisor to the Chairman, Director of the DNC’s Government and Party Affairs Departments, and finally to her current role as DNC Secretary—a capacity she has served in since 2002. A strong advocate for women, Mrs. Germond has also served as Chair of the National Women’s Political Caucus Democratic Task Force as well as Executive Vice President of NARAL.

For the Arkansas volunteers manning the phones on Saturday, it was an exciting opportunity to meet one of the Democratic Party's most influential women. Mrs. Germond’s visit was a reminder of the important and essential role individual volunteers play in the larger campaign and Democratic politics as a whole.

Join us in our effort to ensure that we can protect the progress President Obama has made so far and continue to move this country forward—sign up to volunteer today!

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