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April 14: Let’s show New Hampshire we’ve got their back

Jacquetta canvassing in NH in winter 2012. Photo by Kristina Bigdeli.

Here in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, we're always there for our neighbors. We organize with them, work with them, and help them when they need support. This is especially true when it comes to the Obama campaign: We’ve got New Hampshire’s back—and this weekend we’re going to prove it.

April 14th is our next canvassing day of action in New Hampshire. Teams from Massachusetts will be carpooling to several locations in the Granite State, where we'll be talking with voters about President Obama’s accomplishments in his first term and building support for the November election.

Whether you're an experienced campaigner or a first-time volunteer, now is the perfect time to get involved. We're forming neighborhood teams throughout Massachusetts to create a strong network of support for the President, and volunteering on April 14 is a great way to get to know other supporters in your area. When we get to New Hampshire we'll get all the information and training needed to reach out to New Hampshire voters—then knock on doors together to share our positive message for President Obama. RSVP now to join us on the 14th!

Can’t make it this weekend? There are also team meetings, house parties, and lots of other great campaign events that make it easy for you to start sharing your skills and enthusiasm. Help us keep you informed of events in your area: sign up to volunteer today.

Remember: this campaign will only be as strong as our volunteers—so join in today. Thank you for all you do.

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