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Another Milestone: Volunteer Emily passes 10,000 dials

Emily Gold on the floor of the Democratic National Convention

We hit a pretty important campaign milestone yesterday: there are now less than 50 to go until Election Day. And at more or less the same time, one our all star volunteers, Emily Gold, surpassed 10,000 dials. Again: 10,000 dials! That's really worth noting, because it's actually almost 1% of the entire population of New Hampshire. Let's put it another way: say you're one of 10 Granite Staters reading this right now. Chances are, Emily's called you to talk about why she's supporting the President.

This is the work of just one committed person, but it also highlights how committed our volunteers are here, and how hard they're working. We want to thank Emily, and all our volunteers. You're the ones making this thing happen in every corner of New Hampshire. The hours these folks commit is incredibly inspiring, so when we get a chance to share some of the results, we just have to do it!

Every phone call made, every door knocked could help us win New Hampshire. Help us talk to as many people as possible before November 6, volunteer today.

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