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Anne Marie S. is IN 2012!

Anne Marie S.

Anne is a graduate student at UT who comes from a family who vote only republican. She has worked as an intern in the social work program where she witnessed patients without health insurance struggle to find help after suffering an illness. She witnessed an older man who had no family and had suffered a major stroke denied post care because he had no insurance. He had to live in the hospital because he was so debilitated he couldn't function on his own. Several of the social workers started getting in trouble by the administrators because he was racking up major bills with no source of payment or income. It took social workers 40 days to find a care provider that would help him. Anne is in because she believes in the President and she believes in the president’s goals for the future of our great nation. Anne feels the president is smart, professional, and most importantly, she can trust him. She comes from a pretty wealthy family, but she understands everyone is not blessed with the same financial benefits her family enjoys. She believes the Affordable Care Act should remain law and be given a fair shot to work in our nation. Anne believes President Obama understands folks need affordable medical coverage, and this is where we start.
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