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Anne Arundel Gets Planning

This past week, volunteers at the Obama campaign hosted several Grassroots Planning Sessions (GPS) across Anne Arundel County. The events brought together around a hundred dedicated volunteers who shared insight and best practices on grassroots campaigning in the political arena.


They discussed the “Snowflake Model” of campaigning, Rapid Response tactics, and shared their views on various policy initiatives. They suggested that further efforts be made to help youth understand how the legislation and issues impact them personally. Further, volunteers learned how to target messaging to specific groups; effective tactics to get youth mobilized; and better ways to increase turnout at local events.


It was a great learning experience for those in attendance, and helped train supporters and volunteers to help with the President's campaign!

Want to get involved in your area? The Obama campaign is now hosting Grassroots Planning Sessions where you live! Be sure to give us a call at 240 242 5750 or check back here for all the latest news!

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