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Ann Arbor turns out big for their Grassroots Planning Session to discuss Obama 2012

Ann Arbor- Michigan has been going strong facilitating Grassroots Planning Sessions throughout the state over the past couple of months. Washtenaw County kicked off their first GPS in Ann Arbor. The event was extremely productive, with more than 30 folks attending.


The session started out strong with State Senator Rebekah Warren taking time out of her busy schedule to talk about the importance of being involved and why we need to start now. Attendees also heard from a representative from Congressman John Dingell’s office.


Neighborhood Team Members both new and old came to the session to provide their feedback and brainstorm with their community members. Strong Obama supporter and University of Michigan student, Sean W. turned out to the event because he "knows[s] it's important for people his age to get involved and he wants to help with that, especially after seeing what the President has done to help with student loans."


Summer Organizer, Matt B. and Community Organizer Eric K. helped to facilitate the event and took part in the many of the productive break-out sessions. Current Neighborhood Team Member, Jenny B. was able to put a face to the Neighborhood Team Model. She gave an account of her involvement with OFA since 2008 and how successful it’s been in the community. Attendees were very active in the discussions and there was definite excitement in the room.


One thing is certain—Ann Arbor is ready to go for 2012! More than eleven people signed-up to host a house meeting to meet with their neighbors and friends and spread the knowledge and skills they learned at the GPS.

Don't miss out on the action! Make sure you are IN for Obama 2012 and click here to find an event near you, or contact Laura Warbelow at [email protected] to get involved with Eric K. and our wonderful team in Ann Arbor!

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