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Angela's note to the President

"I was part of the energy that sparked a movement to get you elected. I believed in everything you said in Chicago that night about change and hope. I know you had a mess to clean up in Washington upon your arrival, and as an uninsured American I was waiting patiently for Obamacare. I graduated from grad school during the recession and still can’t find full-time employment, but cried during the State of the Union when you proclaimed the worth of teachers and educators.

"Now, as a lesbian woman who 'married' her partner of nine years last July (technically a civil union), I am just so overwhelmed. I believe in you and always knew that you are a fair and just man who cares about all Americans—not just those at the top, but all of us who are trying desperately to have some peace and live a decent and modest life."

—Angela, Illinois

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