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Ana C. Shares Why She is Hosting a State of the Union Watch Party


“Hosting small groups, in a home, is the best environment to get people involved,” said Ana C.

A leader in the Democratic Party in New Mexico, Ana is serving her third term as Bernalillo County Chairwomen, and is an active volunteer for OFA New Mexico. She is very experienced with phone banks, canvasses, and special events.

A key concern of Ana’s is getting the message out to people who are less active, and who have been influenced by the local, more conservative media, and Fox news.

“By setting up a small meeting, in the comfort of someone’s home, you can get the truth out. You can build awareness of the President’s accomplishments, and why he signed a bill that people may not be happy with. You can explain why he needed to do some things that are less popular, and make sure people fully understand the facts around what he has achieved.”

Ana has received a positive response from others when she mentions that she is hosting a State of the Union Watch Party. People are interested and excited about the opportunity to watch the President’s speech with friends and neighbors. On Tuesday, January 24th, President Obama will give his State of the Union address—and supporters across New Mexico are organizing parties in their neighborhoods to tune in. Can you have a few people over to watch? Once you sign up to host, we’ll provide you with everything you need to host a great event.

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