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An update from Ohio

Students sleep over in Ohio

Ohio voters camp out overnight to be the first in line to cast their ballots for President Obama.

Here in Ohio, our work for the last couple of weeks has led up to one day: October 2nd. Today doesn’t just mark the first day Ohioans will begin casting their ballots—it marks Day One of a weeklong period of same-day registration and voting in Ohio.

On weekdays from October 2nd to October 9th, anyone with the correct identification can register to vote and cast their vote on the same day, at the same location. It’s an amazing chance for students, folks who just moved, and Ohioans who haven’t registered yet to make their voices heard.

In anticipation of this important week, this weekend we knocked on more doors as a state than ever before. Everyone on our team pitched in, because we know every vote counts.

Here are just a couple of the stories I heard while canvassing this weekend:

“I’m excited by the idea of voting early. I want to take a day off work and make sure as many people as possible get out and vote."

“I’ve already ordered my absentee ballot in the mail, and I’ll be knocking on doors on Election Day.”

“I plan to vote early and make sure all of my friends and family members do, too.”

“There are so many reasons to support President Obama, from women’s rights to health care to education. I plan on voting for him early, and bringing my son with me when I do it!”

There’s no time to waste—if you live in Ohio, find your early voting location and vote today. And if you're out of state, make sure you're registered and ready to vote where you live.

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