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An Update from Kevin

A few weeks ago, we published a profile of Kevin, a teacher who was looking for work. We recently checked back in to see how his job search was going. Kevin replied with some good news—and a call for Congress to act now to help get Americans back to work.

I'm actually lesson planning right now! One of the interviews went so well that I was offered the job on the spot. I've been busy teaching fourth grade for about a week now.

I'm still telling anyone who will listen (and even a few who won't) that we need this jobs bill. I'm one of the lucky ones, but there are thousands of Kevin Hannas out there who have the training and experience to be qualified for a job, but just don't have a position for which to apply. Without money in their pockets, they create no demand. Without demand, there is no need for supply. Without supply, there is no need to produce. Without a need to produce, production companies don't hire. Like I said before: It's Elementary!

I hope all is well!


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