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An inside look at President Obama’s visit to Bowling Green

Rachel, a campus field organizer at Bowling Green University, Ohio, shares what it's like to prepare for a presidential visit.

I was excited to hear President Obama was coming because it meant students would be able to see him speak and share the way he’d move this country forward. The last time a president visited campus was Bill Clinton, so it’s a big deal to students here.

I knew from the beginning that Twitter and Facebook would be a big part of getting the word out. Our team started tweeting at popular campus accounts and student groups, spreading the word on Facebook, and pretty soon there was a huge buzz on campus.

On Monday, tickets were flying out the window both at the Stroh Center and at our local office. Momentum kept building as students posted photos of their tickets to Facebook and Twitter. People saw that the line at the Stroh was getting pretty long, so they started coming to our office instead. It was an exhausting day, and we ran out of tickets well before 9:00 p.m.

Throughout the day, we registered tons of new voters and met a lot of students excited to vote and to volunteer for President Obama for the first time. We also made sure students were committing to vote starting October 2nd—a huge priority for our team here in Ohio.

I’ve been organizing in Bowling Green since early March, and it was amazing to see our team of volunteers make this event such a success before it even began. Today, our team of volunteers is making sure the event runs smoothly, from people finding their seats to passing out water. It’s hard work, but it comes with the bonus of seeing President Obama!

I’m confident that our team will play an instrumental role in making sure Wood County—a swing county—supports President Obama for a second time.

Stay tuned throughout the day for updates from the President's visit to Ohio.

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