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An Evening With Kal Penn

Last week, 300 Arlington-area young professionals joined together for a special event with actor Kal Penn. He outlined the ways in which President Obama has increased opportunities for young people to succeed.

“It’s inspiring to see so many young people come out tonight to have conversations about accomplishments like student loan reform, equality, jobs, ending the war in Iraq, and all the other amazing progress the president has made for young Americans,” said Kal Penn. “The stakes in this election are extremely high and none of us want to see the country move backwards.”

Talib, a young professional in attendance, appreciated the efforts of President Obama to keep the country moving forward, especially on equality issues, saying, “The repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell alone was huge, but then coming out in support of gay marriage—that was very brave of him. His actions are a symbol of what America stands for.”

Shawn, a local resident from Arlington also in attendance, agreed with Kal Penn on what is at stake for young people, and especially supports President Obama on national security issues, saying, “Among many other issues, President Obama has a strong record on national security, and that’s because he’s willing to listen, and willing to be deliberate about using all the tools in the kit so-to-speak.” She added that she was especially proud of President Obama for ending the Iraq.

Are you a young American that stands with President Obama? We’re greater together when we work together, so join Young Americans for Obama.

Miss the event? Check out the photos.

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